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What is Scenography? 2nd Edition

Pamela Howard's What is Scenography? has become a classic text in contemporary theatre design and performance practice. In this second edition, the author expands on her holistic analysis of scenography as compromising space, text, research, art performers, directors and spectators, to examine the changing nature of scenography in the twenty-first century.


The book includes:

Case studies and anecdotes from Howard’s

own celebrated career

Illustrations of her own recent work, in full colour throughout

And update ‘world view’ of scenography, with definitions

from the world's most famous and influential scenographers

A direct and personal response to the question of how to

define scenography by one of the world’s leading practitioners, What is Scenography? continues to shape the world of visual theatremakers throughout the world.

  • “Pamela Howard’s ground breaking What is…

    …Scenography? was the first book to set out the bold new approaches to designing and directing for theatre which has dazzled audiences in Europe during the previous decades. It did us all a service by enriching the scope of how we understand the aesthetics of the stage... The lavish new materials (drawings, colour photos, new production analysis) included in this second edition make it even more essential for anyone interested in new developments in theatre”

    David Bradby

  • “Comprehensive and accessible, this ambitious…

    …guide includes a walk-in-wardrobe-full of insights and personal accounts... There are some informative and creative insights on the metaphoric meaning of furniture... and Howard takes a wonderfully integrative approach to scripts, looking at the physical shape contribution Invaluable for practitioners, students and the serious enthusiast."


  • “To write, design, organize, manage, sculpt, educate…

    …paint research and above all, to passionately live the life of the performance is what Pamela has done throughout her whole career and, in one way or another, it is reflected here in this book: the universality of stage design, its elements and it's soul."

    Ramon Ivars

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Serbian: Published by Clio Press

Greek: Published by Epikentro

Galician: Published by Editorial Galaxia

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Spanish: Published by Alba Editorial

Publication Drawing Theatre (Published 2016)

By Text+Work, The Gallery,  Arts University Bournemouth

ISBN 978-0-901196-72-9

Editors  Rebecca Pride and Violet McClean


Copies available contact Gallery@aub.ac.uk or AUB Online Store

Publication Theatre and Performance Design Vol.3

Published Routledge

Editors  Jane Collins and Andrew Nisbet

ISSN: 2332-2551 (PRINT)   2332-2578 (ONLINE)


To cite this article Jane Collins (2017) Charlotte: a Tri-coloured Play with Music, Theatre and Performance Design, 3:12, 84-89, DOI: 10.1080/23322551.2017.1326725

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What is Scenography?

3rd Edition

New material, More colour,

Better format and still…

a personal manifesto!


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