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The Workshops ‘Text, Space & Vision’

Pamela Howard offers several practical workshops based on different aspects of her book “What is Scenography?”


Workshops that have taken place are outlined below and can be adapted to suit individual needs.


The workshops normally require a dedicated space, for 15-20 students to work in over 4-5 days. For further details, written workshops outlines and costs contact Pamela@pamelahoward.co.uk

“Creating the Panorama” based on Shakespeare’s “Loves Labours Lost”  Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts 2018

Photographs by Felix

iSTAN International Costume and Make-up Design Academic Week  Beijing China 2017

ARKO International Performing Arts Professional Series  Korea 2014

Drawing Workshop  New York University Prague June 2011

© Monica Bastos

© Monica Bastos

© Jerome Maeckelberg

TheatrEurope at SCENOFEST 2011

“Meet the experts”

Left - right: Mariaelena Roque,

Ramon Ivars, Jean-Guy Lecat,

Harry Cole, Pamela Howard

‘Sao Paulo Stories’  Espaco Cenográfico, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Creating the 'chair-stages' for Sao Paulo Stories at the Espaco Cenográfico

Demonstrating the use of scale in the space

Beginning the graffiti on the wall

‘King MacBeth of Bahia’  Teatro Castro Alves, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Drawing with long sticks

Creating Sculptural groups

Creating the Panorama of King Macbeth of Bahia. Collage made from the workshop drawings


‘People in Space’  A drawing workshop for 6-20 people in a large empty space

Taiwan workshop 2008

Taiwan workshop 2008

‘Why Do You Always Wear Black?’  A workshop to integrate scenographers, actors, directors, musicians and space

Discussion with Directing and Design students from the National Theatre School, Copenhagen

‘A Labour of Love’  Workshop based on 4 lines from Shakespeare’s Love’s Labours Lost.

                                   A multi-disciplinary integrated workshop for theatre makers.

Berowne in the Derelict library at Navarre

The Park at Navarre

The Library in Navarre

Final Studio installation

Drawing Workshops  Carnegie Mellon University:  Dept. of Theatre Pittsburgh USA: November 2006

Creating the “Pittsburg Panorama”

Creating the “Pittsburg Panorama”

Creating the “Pittsburg Panorama”

Critique of the “Pittsburg Panorama”

Drawings from a Rehearsal

Rehearsal notes in drawings

‘Four Ways to Find a Lover’  Drawing and performance workshop based on a scene from ‘the Taming of the shrew’

                                                  (Shakespeare). National Theatre School Copenhangen February 2007

Creating the life size audience

People and space in action

Exploring horizontal space

Exploring ‘in the round’

Drawing the moment