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The Workshops ‘Text, Space & Vision’

Pamela Howard offers several  different workshops, some examples are listed below. These are primarily designed to help unite Text, Vision and Space through drawing. Normally for a maximum of 20 people. Workshops can last for a minimum of 1 full day to 3 days depending on the theme. Participants have to commit to total 100% attendance. All the workshops include ongoing critical reviews throughout the day/s.


A large room with floor space is required, and a wall that drawings can be taped onto  as the day progresses, or a large wall if the Panorama workshop is selected. For a Panorama  a large roll of Brown packing paper is required as well as the white drawing paper.  A3 paper/ or reams of newsprint. Rolls of masking tape to tape drawings to the floor and wall. Gardening canes average length 1m 20cms. Several boxes of Conté crayons in black & sepia. Depending on the workshop, brushes, scissors, white glue, paints, and water containers might be required. Good light and an Assistant who helps to hand out materials and tape drawings to the wall. Chairs for each participant and tables for cutting out maybe required.


Most workshops are based on interpretations of a well known play text. The methods of the workshop are carefully timed throughout the day/s so that the work gradually evolves and the participants can see the difference from the start to the finish. Sometimes the workshop concludes in a full Art Installation, and visitors are invited to come in and walk through.


All the workshops are fast moving and FUN!..examples are:-


People in Space

Making the Panorama

Staging a Moment


For  individual requirements please contact directly via e-mail Pamela@pamelahoward.co.uk

“The Toledo Panorama” A music theatre workshop                                            World Stage Design, Calgary, Canada 2022

“Creating the Panorama” based on Shakespeare’s “Loves Labours Lost”  Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts 2018

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Photographs by Felix

iSTAN International Costume and Make-up Design Academic Week  Beijing China 2017

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