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Voices of Canada

An Original Music Theatre Performance

World Stage Design

Calgary, Canada  6-16 August 2022

Conceived and created by Pamela Howard, World Stage Design ‘Living Legend’


Overture: The audience arrive

An artificial 'field' with a strange Tower

10 ‘pods’ surround the Tower

Each ‘pod’ has window shutters that are closed.

An old Monk with a mobile phone stands on the steps leading up to the tower entrance and directs the audience to walk round the tower, and open each window.

As each window opens and 5 minute video with Music and a performer automatically plays.

Each video/film tells a story of one of the Provinces of Canada

The Monk aims to get everybody to finish facing pods 1, 2 & 3

The entrance to the Tower is closed with an old red theatre curtain

The Monk rings an old ship's bell on a chain.

Development: The Revelation

The Monks opens the Theatre Curtain

Walls l, 2 & 3 rise to the top of the supporting poles

The interior of the Tower is revealed

An Angel rises to the top of the Tower

A small chamber orchestra of 6 modern musicians plus a conductor on a wooden crate

6 singers begin the Voices of Canada Cantata, an original composition taken from elements from the videos shown in the pods

Wooden benches can be used to sit or stand on.

Coda: The Finale

The audience applaud

The Monk, The Walls 1,2 &3 fall into their first position

A ships bell rings and the performers descend the steps.

The Monk throws off his habit and is revealed in White as a Nun (Hildegard of Bingen)

The nun orders the benches to be put together as a Platform

The orchestra emerge from the door and ladder at the back of the tower, and assemble at the edge of the field

The performers continue the Coda of the Cantata with the audience either side of their platform

A rainbow appears

A Great Finale!

For further information contact Troy Hourie or Pamela Howard

troyhourie@gmail.com or pamela@pamelahoward.co.uk