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The Unicorn and Joe – A Musical Fable

25-28 October 2021

Arcola Outside Theatre, Dalston, London E8 3DL

Created by Philip Glassborow (writer) with Pamela Howard (Director/Visual Artist)

Adapted from the book by Wolf Mankowitz “A Kid for Two Farthings” (pub. Andre Deutsch 1953)


Set in an East End market in the 1950’s we follow the story of a lonely boy called Joe, who wished for his father to come home from Africa. Joe and his mother live at the back of Mr Kandinsky’s trouser making shop. Mr Kandinsky tells him only a Unicorn can make wishes come true and Joe  searches for a Unicorn in the market. He uses all his pocket money (2/9d) to buy a ‘Unicorn’ not knowing it is really a runt baby kid with only 1 horn and three legs. But in the end everyone’s wishes do come true. Joe’s father does come home; Sam wins the wrestling match and gives his fiancée the ring she desires and Mr Kandinsky gets the Steam Press he dreams of. The music reflects the rich ethnic mix of East London (Petticoat Lane) and visually references the paintings of the area by John Allin.


This production is destined for the new Arcola Outside Theatre from 25-28 October 2021 at 2.30pm. It is a family musical for all ages. Guidance for children 8+. Further venues in 2022.


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Jack Klaff

Harmony Rose Brennan


Annie Marcuson

Rosanna Miles


Caleb Obadiah

Brian Hughes

Eve Ferret


Kyle Nudo


Shona Morris

Daniel Levy

Sophie-Ann Meechan

Thora Asgeirsdottir

Oscar Morris



 Mr. Avrom Kandinsky: A trouser maker / Unicorn Man

Sam ‘Schmule’ Heppner: Kandinsky’s apprentice and a wrestler /

The Eel King / Joe Boesman: a young boy

Becky Boesman: Joe’s mother and worker for Mme Rita / Mrs Eatmore

Sharona Ornadel: Sam’s fiancée / Mrs Greenberg /

Maxine: worker at Mme Rita’s

Calypso: Stan the Birdman / Prince Monolulu / The Bermondsey Bruiser

A travelling musician (melodica player)

Mme Rita: A dress and hat maker


Executive Producer

Project Manager

Movement Director

Costume Supervisor

Costume Assistant

Costume Assistant

Puppets and Props

Stage Manager



2021 CAST


Character drawings for 2021 production

The Unicorn and Joe

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