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The Ballad of the Cosmo Café

“An original imagined recreation based on researched memories…”

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The Ballad of the Cosmo Café

Extracts from 2019 production of The Ballad of the Cosmo Café

Film: Andrew Snell

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Scenes of 2019 production


Photos:Venus Croft

The handwritten programme as the Cosmo café menu

An original Singspiel for Insiders/Outsiders Festival Hampstead 2019

In collaboration with Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.


The Ballad of the Cosmo Café was part of the UK wide year-long Insiders/Outsiders Festival celebrating the contribution of émigré artists to British Culture.


The Ballad of the Cosmo Café is an original imagined ‘immersive’ Singspiel recreating this much-loved café in Finchley Road, in St Peters Church Hall, Belsize Square, London NW3 4HJ. There were 4 performances across a weekend, November 16 & 17, 2019.


Based on selected memories and stories from the Cosmo research group and translated into lyrics by the Cosmo writers’ group. Audiences entered the Cosmo Café as customers, sat at the vacant tables and the performance begun.  Each performance features an intimate atmosphere with a small number of exclusive seats. Eight of UK’s finest senior performers tell their stories in speech and song.  Set to music by collaborators from Royal College of Music, and 2 talented alumni music theatre students from Cosmo collaborators - Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.


The Ballad of the Cosmo Café was created by Director/visual artist Pamela Howard with writer Philip Glassborow and Music Director Brian Hughes


For more information contact Creative Producer Kyle Nudo: kylenudo@gmail.com



Artificial Cake display for The Ballad of the Cosmo Café

Made by student props Team at Central School of Speech and Drama







Left to right

Kayleigh Wade;

Riot Rogers;

Pamela Howard

Under the supervision of

Dot Young;

Eleanor Margolies

Music from the 2019 production


Cosmo Café

The Ballad of the Breaded Mushrooms

The Ghost of Sigmund Freud

Alfred Wolfsohn:  Prophet of Song

Lewandowski: an elderly Polish Painter

A Philosopher

4 Ladies in Hats playing Bridge

Lady 1

Lady 2

Lady 3

Lady 4

Pammy : an Art student

The Head Waiter



3 Spanish musicians





Jack Klaff

Stephen Rashbrook

Frank Barrie

Stephen Greif

(former psycho-analysts)

Delena Kidd

Grace Lovelass (mezzo)

Valerie Minifie

Shirley Jaffe

Eleanor Crowe

Santiago del Fosco

Hetty Hodgson

Yifat Shir-Moskovitz


Brian Hughes

Eliza Scott

George Robinson




Director/Visual Artist

Associate Visual Artist

Music Consultant

Music Director

Associate Producer/Assistant Director

Script consultant



*Filming by Andrew Snell & Eileen Hughes (Clifford Communications)

Pamela Howard

Eleanor Margolies

Norbert Meyn

Brian Hughes

Yifat Shir-Moskovitz

Philip Glassborow

Nick Moran




Scene Painter

Stage Manager

Associate Producer

Costume Supervisor

Wardrobe Supervisor

Prop Supervisor

Props Assistants


Creative Producer


Carla Mardle

Sophie Enderby

Hetty Hodgson

Eleanor Wilde

Hannah McMahon-Major

Dot  Young

Riot Rogers

Kayleigh Wade

Kyle Nudo


Research contributions:

With thanks to: Marion Mannheimer, The Weiner Library,  Monica Bohm Duchen Curator Insiders/Outsiders Festival, And all the memories and stories sent to us.

Character drawings for 2019 production

The Ballad of the Cosmo Café

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