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The Ballad of the Cosmo Café

An original singspiel for Insiders/Outsiders Festival Hampstead 2019

In collaboration with Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.


On the outside of the building a vinyl picture of the old Cosmo cafe.

The audience enter in and sit wherever they wish amongst the actors who appear like customers already in the cafe.


Formica style tables set out as in the old Cosmo cafe. At the far back a platform with an old bashed up piano, pianist, and an accordionist and guitarist.  A centre gangway allows the Head Waiter to run up and down with trays of coffee cups spilling coffee.


Paintings on the wall depicting Expressionst monkeys. Behind the band  a mural of  Spanish dancers. To the right facing the back a counter under glass with a collection of Apple strudels/cakes etc... all artificial. A general atmosphere of a familial community club. An escape from the sounds of Finchleystrasse and all the troubles of daily life.

The Ghost of Sigmund Freud

Alfred Wolfsohn The Prophet of Song

Lewandowski an elderly Polish Artist

A Philosopher

4 Ladies in Hats playing Bridge

(former psycho-analysts)



The Head Waiter (Spaniard)

3 Spanish musicians (piano /Guitar/ Violin)

Pammie (Art Student)/ Graziella  (Spanish Dancer)

The Chorus of Customers

Jack Klaff


Frank Barrie

Stephen Greif

Grace Lovelass (mezzo)

Sophie Goldrick (mezzo)

Delena Kidd

Eleanor Bron

from RCSSD

from RCM


from RCSSD


from RCSSD



Music Consultant

Music Director

Script consultant

Lyric contributions from



Cosmo Research

Director/Visual Artist

Associate Visual Artist



Filming by Clifford Communications

Creative Producer

Scene painting

Prop  Maker



Norbert Meyn

Brian Hughes

Jack Klaff

Philip Glassboro

Harold Baum

Alon Nashman

Philip Glassboro

Pamela Howard

Eleanor Margolies

Nick Moran

Wendy Gadian

Andrew Snell

Kyle Nudo







2019 Venue

St Peter’s Church Hall,

Belsize Road, London NW3


November 16 - 3pm & 7.30pm


November 17 - 3pm & 7pm

this performance will be filmed

for archive and research purposes


contact Kyle Nudo


Research contributions: With thanks to: Marion Mannheimer, The Weiner Library,  Monica Bohm Duchen Curator Insiders/Outsiders Festival,

And all the memories and stories sent to us.