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Scenes from Tonight at the Pavilion… Charlie Chaplin

Tonight at the Pavilion… Charlie Chaplin

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Co-Directors: Pamela Howard & Gillian Plowman

Writer: Gillian Plowman

Choreographer/Producer: Chris Butler


Art and urban regeneration!

Tonight at the Pavilion… Charlie Chaplin! is an example of how creating art in an unloved and forgotten building can bring new life to an old space.


2015 marked 100 years of Chaplin’s invention of The Little Tramp. This new work is written by Gillian Plowman (author of The End of the Journey performed in this unreconstructed space in 2014), choreographed by Chris Butler, and is synonymous with the renaissance of the iconic Selsey Pavilion built in 1913. The 1hr 30 minutes performance used silent movie clips, and had a live piano accompaniment. Tonight at the Pavilion… Charlie Chaplin, was set in the props and costume store of the Mack Sennet/Keystone Cops studios. An ensemble cast of West Sussex performers used song, dance and speech to tell an original story, supported by a talented team of theatre creators.

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Tonight at the museum – Charlie Chaplin! comments

“Heartbreaking”  - Jean Boht


“Wallowing in genius”  - Jack Klaff


"This was an absolute treat from beginning to end including discovering this amazing former Lambeth workhouse and hospital chapel venue. The place is a treasure in every respect - the history, the architecture, and most of all the wonderful collection of the Cinema Museum. The show itself was outstanding. A lively and loving recounting of Chaplin's biography convincingly and movingly rooted in his early family life and boyhood crush. My vision of Chaplin will forever be informed and enriched by this show.”


 "Absolutely brilliant production from a very talented cast and crew. Energetic, imaginative and poignant.”


“Spendid!” - Simon Callow


"What an absolutely fantastic show in an incredible location.”


“A poignant and heartwarming piece."


"I saw four shows this week, including two at The National, but tell you what? This was the most fun. I just love fringe when it is well done, and this was excellent.”


"The atmosphere was set by Sylvia Rota's sparkly piano playing while we took our seats, and from the opening Ta! Ra! Ra! Boom De Ay! led by the fabulous Lisa Pow to the closing and very moving Smile, this show was a joy. Ryan Moss and David Flint as the younger and older Chaplin were both superb, and Ryan Moss's performance blended perfectly into the film clips from The Kid, Gold Rush, City Lights and Modern Times. Daniel Bowring as Charlie's brother, Sydney Chaplin, deserves a special mention, evoking Chaplin's family background and especially for his high-energy duet with Ryan Moss, When Father Painted the Parlour.


"You don't have to enjoy silent movies to appreciate this wonderful production. We understand why Chaplin was regarded as a genius for his contribution to entertainment and the legacy he left behind. Don't miss this excellent production.”


 "What a wonderful production of Chaplin's life in a hidden-gem location full of history and character. The Little Tramp will live with us forever!"


Charlie goes to London!
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