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Brendan: Son of Dublin

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Writers: John Merrigan and Danielle Merrigan.

Director/visual artist: Pamela Howard. Musical Director: Brian Hughes.

It’s a 100-years since Irish playwright Brendan Behan was born. From humble Dublin origins, Behan became one of the great twentieth century writers. His work includes Borstal Boy, The Quare Fellow and The Hostage. Behan’s story transcends his bohemian reputation as a hard-drinking, hard-living Irishman who died -prematurely- aged 41. The universal themes he wrote about remain relevant today. Justice and reform; the power of “outsiders” to catalyse societal change and relationships. Maintaining the ground-breaking grit, realism and dark humour that features in his writing, Brendan: Son of Dublin is presented by Fat Dan Productions. This freshly told new musical-drama is semi-staged with live music. Premiering in the north, as part of #LIF2023, the production is supported by the University of Liverpool’s Institute of Irish Studies.


I never know how to begin a new adventure! I am always on the lookout for different materials to draw or paint on, paper bags, chamois leather cloths, old postcards have all featured in the past as drawing surfaces. In starting work on Brendan I happened upon an unopened packet of 30 white A4 envelopes, and I thought that I could draw the characters on the front of the envelope, and then inside the envelope could be a full length photo of that actor, with measurements and any fabric samples or details of the 50’s/60’s clothes we have begged, borrowed, or even bought from the large number of charity shops in our High Street. I have loved developing these ‘envelope’ drawings (no stamp needed!) and experimenting with pencil, crayon, watercolours and acrylics to create ‘living images’ of the actors.

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Character drawings for production

Brendan – Son of Dublin

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Scene drawings for production

Brendan – Son of Dublin

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